Nearby Nature

It's not always the best weather in the Netherlands. But for this project I took the chance. And it worked out very well. I went with four models into the nature nearby my house. We walked and stopped at places that inspired us for taking pictures. The project is published in a book and a calendar for 2023.
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Cover of the book Nearby Nature with outdoor nudes by Jurjen BerseeFront page of the 2023 nude art calendar featuring images of the Nearby Nature shoot


July 2022
Nude model Julia sitting in the grassNude model Julia looking for blueberriesNude model Julia posing in the sun


March 2022
Nude model Ameria relaxing on a dead treeNude model Ameria posing in the sunNude model Ameria posing in a tree


July 2021
Nude model Helena posing in the forestNude model Helena posing near a dead treeNude model Helena posing in the beautiful nearby nature


July 2021
Beautiful Noa posing nude in the sand dunesNude model Noa becoming one with the forestNude model Noa relaxing during our photo shoot