Models working from home

So Corona (Covid-19) hit the world. And it has massive impact on social life. In large parts of the world people need to stay at home.For some professions, like models, this means no work.

So I started a project to support models that need to stay home. I give directions for a shoot through Skype or Whatsapp and the model is taking pictures of herself at home.

💙Update: Models from Ukraine💛

For this project I worked also with three beautiful models from Ukraine. They are on this page as well. I hope everybody is safe and healthy, but my special thoughts go out to these models in Kiev. Stay safe!


The most advanced setup was with Belgium model Khiara. She put her desktop in the garden so I could give directions. She controlled the camera with her mobile phone. We decided to leave the phone in the picture sometimes. Because Covid is also about spending a lot of time online.

In the pictures above you see the setup with the camera and computer, what I saw from home and the amazing result. More from this amazing shoot below.
Model Khiara from Belgium posing in her garden during a remote shoot

During this project I worked with models from New York, London, Kiev and more

Model posing from home during Covid-19Model behind a sewing machine at home during Covid-19 pandemic
Model posing from home during a remote shoot