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Model Kate posing nude in the sunlight.
Being active with photography almost all my live, I recently started focusing on nude and fine art photography. On this website you can view my portfolio and buy prints.

I hope you enjoy my work…

The reflection of nude model Kate in a mirror in the studio in Nijmegen.Nude model Helena posing near a dead tree
Cover of the book Nearby Nature with outdoor nudes by Jurjen Bersee

The Book and the calendar

In 2021 and 2022 I had four fantastic shoots in the nature nearby my house. This book with 60 pages features the best images of these wonderful models.
21 x 28 cm, Vertical (portrait) orientation, 60 pages, 44 images
Euro 39,95 + shipping costs

From the same project there is also a 2024 calendar available!
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Nude model Helena posing outdoorsNude model Ameria up in a treeNude model Noa becoming one with the forestNude model Julia happy outdoors

Nearby Nature

It's not always the best weather in the Netherlands. But for this project I took the chance. And it worked out very well. I went with four models into the nature nearby my house. We walked and stopped at places that inspired us for taking pictures. The project is published in a book and a calendar for 2023.
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I love to combine contact prints of my studio pictures with real objects like book pages and plants. Working with photographic paper and chemicals in the dark and excitingly waiting for the result to reveal itself slowly.

Every photogram is unique because of this process. You can buy these unique pieces of art in my shop. I also sell art prints.
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Photogram of model Elena with a copy of an old book


I love to look at work from other photographers to get inspired
Lukas Dvorak
Lukas Dvorak
Lukas Dvorak
Kim Weston
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Model posing from home during Covid-19Model Khiara from Belgium posing in her garden during a remote shootModel behind a sewing machine at home during Covid-19 pandemicModel posing from home during a remote shoot

Corona Home Shoots

So Corona hit the world. And it has massive impact on social life. In large parts of the world people need to stay at home.

For some professions, like models, this means no work. So I started a project to support models that need to stay home. I give directions for a shoot through Skype or Whatsapp and the model is taking pictures of herself at home.
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What is Nude Photography?

Tindra Mantel by Jurjen Bersee
Nude photography is a form of photography with the naked human body as subject. Nude photography is different from erotic photography, in which sexual suggestion plays a role. Nude photography is also different from glamour photography, in which the emphasis is more on the model and his or her appearance.

In nude photography, the emphasis is often more on the human form than on the person. Nude photography can vary from a snapshot to a shot with carefully chosen poses and ligting. Personally I like to reflect the models character in the photo and don't give to much posing instructions. The lighting can be (extreme) studio light, fill in flash or just natural light. A well-known form of nude photography is figure study, in which often no face can be seen at all, but in which the body is photographed as a 'landscape'.

Image: Tindra at a workshop at Piar-fotografie with studio lighting